Dha Re Dha

by Sumkali

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Dha Re Dha 04:13
Sa Re, Ga Ma Ga, Pa Ma Ga Re, Ma Ga Re Sa Ga Ma Pa, Ga Ma Dha Pa, Pa Ma Ga Re, Ma Ga Re Sa Sa,Sa Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Sa Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Sa Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Re Sa Re Sa Ma Ga Re Sa, Sa Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Ni Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Ni Sa, Sa Re Re Sa Re Sa Sa Re Sa Sa Sa Re Sa Sa Sa Ga Ga Re Re Ga Ga Re Re Ma Ma Ga Re Sa Ni Sa, Sa Sa Pa Pa Pa Ma Pa Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Ni Sa Dha Pa Dha Pa Dha Pa Dha Pa Dha Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
Vrindavani venu vaaze Vrindavani venu vaaze Vrindavani venu Venu kawanaacha maye vaaze, vaaze Venu naade govardhana gaaze Vrindavani venu vaaze pucha pasaruni mayur viraze mazha pahata haasati yadav raaze, raaze Vrindavani venu vaaze trunachara charu visarali gayi vyaghra eke thaai jhaali pakshi kule niwaanta rahili vaira bhaava samoola visaraali vairabhaava samoola visaraali vrindavani venu vaaze dhvani manjula manjula umatati waki runajhuna runajhuna waazati dava vimaani vaisoni stuti gaati bhanudaasa paavali prema bhakti prema bhakti prema bhakti venu naade venu naade venu naade govardhana gaaze vrindavani venu vaaze vrindavani venu vaaze vrindavani venu
Awakening 05:23
Jhanak 03:49
Jhanak jhanak kanak kakon baaje notun notun kudi phute laaje jhanak jhanak ebaar amaye jagiye dao baanshi te shoor lagiye dao kisher shaada pelaam janina na je tomar kuhur ghoom bhanganor sheeshe amaar gaaner shur jhorano dujon jaabe mishe sheeshe jaabe meeshe hridaye amaar tuliye dao gokun chowain bhuliye dao notun alo choda praner maajhe jhanak jhanak kanak kakon baaje notun notun kudi phute laaje jhanak jhanak
Tangled Root 03:36
Jog 04:39
Saajan more ghar aaye mangal gao chauk purao darasa piya hum paave
Ganga Tumi 04:09
Bishtir no duparer Oshonkho manusher Hahakaar shuneyu Nishobdi nirobe O Gonga tumi O Gonga boyicho kano Noyiti kotar skholon dekheu Maanobotaar poton dekheu nirlojjo alosh bhabe boyicho kano shohoshro bhoroshaar, unmadaanar montro diye lokhkho jonere shobol shongrami aar ogrogaami gore tolona kano. shrodoshini kano nahi bao tumi nishchoi jahnobi naao tahole prerona daona kano unmotto dhoraar, kurukhetrer shoro shojjake alingon kora lokkho koti, bharotbashi ke jaagale na kano.
Charu 03:33
Masum ateet Wo shaam madeer Man vyakul atur Adheer adheer Tab deep jale Bouchaar abeer Man achal lapak Adheer adheer
Sunrise Saat 05:23


Dha Re Dha is Sumkali's 4th album and their most ambitious project to date. 15 musicians contributed to this album including the world-renowned tabla master Pandit Samar Saha as well as GRAMMY Award winning harmonica player Peter Madcat Ruth.

This album represents a culmination of 3 years of work in the studio and is truly a collaborative effort amongst all the members. The songs on this album fall into 3 main categories: 1). arrangements of traditional Indian folk melodies, 2) Improvised studio sessions with minimal editing, and 3) Fully composed 'hyper-realistic' original studio creations that were built from the ground up in the studio track by track.

The term 'hyper-realistic' refers to the process used to create the arrangements, melodies and sounds, in which we used every digital tool available to us to cut, splice, arrange, tune, align, re-record, layer and add effects to the sounds until they felt just right. The end result sounds like we are all in a room playing together, however the process to get that sound could not have been further from that reality.

To learn more about the process, be sure to check out the Dha Re Dha companion iBook available on our website and in the Merch section of this site.

About the title: Dha Re Dha has two meanings, one is rhythmic and one melodic. The rhythmic side comes from the sounds of the tabla. Every sound the tabla makes has a specific word that corresponds to it, these are called 'bols'. 'Dha' is one of the most prominent sounds that the drum makes, utilizing both the right and left hand playing the highest and lowest note together. 'Re' is one of the smallest and softest sounds made by a light touch of the right hand.
On the melodic side, 'Dha' and 'Re' are part of what is called the 'sargam', which is the collection of notes that make up the raaga. Compared to the western solfege scale (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do), the equivalent in Indian sargam is Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa. So 'Dha' and 'Re' are the 6th and 2nd scale degrees respectively.
In the title track, the raaga used to compose the melodies is known as Raag Bhairav, which utilizes all 7 notes of the sargam with just two notes flatted....'Dha' and 'Re'. This is what creates the unique and intense sound.


released April 17, 2018

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 Recorded and Engineered by John Churchville at Crestland Studios, Ann Arbor, MI. USA
Tracks 3, 4, 7, 10 Recorded and Engineered by Dave Sharp at Backseat Studios, Ann Arbor, MI. USA
All tracks Mixed, Edited and arranged by John Churchville
Assistant Engineers: Will Cicola, Anoop Gopal, Rosemary Sunshine Churchville
Mastering by Ryan Staples
CD packaging art and design by John Churchville, (Tabla Photo by Anoop Gopal)
All other promotional photos by John Diephouse
©2018 Sangeet USA

This album is the culmination of 3 years of work, with many hundreds of hours of tracking, overdubbing, mixing, editing and more. We could not have done it without the support of our loved ones, our friends and family. Thank you all for your support! A special thank you to Jody, Charley, and Rosemary Churchville for welcoming us in to your home for many long days, and tip-toeing around the house when we hit record! Thank you to Mark Jay at www.immersifi.com for all the ‘sound’ advice and use of the microphones. Thank you to our electronics guru Robert Lajeunesse for resurrecting the ARP Keyboard and helping with our various buzzes and hums. Also a big thank you to John Diephouse for taking all the amazing pictures over the years...you make us look good!!


all rights reserved



Sumkali Ann Arbor, Michigan

Indian Music Made in America! Based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Sumkali has been blending the sounds of the Indian subcontinent with jazz, funk, and rock with a singular goal of making great music.

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